Tenant Information

To make your renting experience easier and more enjoyable, the following information may assist tenants

Contacting Us

If you are concerned about any matter regarding your tenancy please feel free to call.
Any enquiries should be directed in the first instance to your Property Manager who can be contacted on 0418 536 005 or use this online form.


We recommend that you take out content insurance for your belongings. The landlord's insurance does not cover your belongings.

Payment of rent

It is your responsibility to pay your rent when it is due. If you are unable to pay your rent by the due date, you should contact our Property Manager as soon as possible. Please remember, that the owner of your property has financial commitments to meet and relies on your rent being paid on time.
We recommend direct debit as your method of payment and in the case of co-tenants, the rent should be debited from one bank account. Should you change banking arrangements you must notify us in writing so that the necessary changes can be made.

Routine inspections

National Real Estate Network Pty Ltd carries out routine inspections on the property to ascertain the condition of the property and necessary maintenance requirements. You will be given adequate notice before any inspection is conducted.

Locked out of the property

Should you find yourself locked out of the property you may contact us as a spare key is/should be available. Keys must be returned to our office on the same day.

Repairs and maintenance

You must notify your property manager of any damage or repairs that may be required at the property. You must always contact the office first to organise repairs. If a tradesman is required to attend the property, a suitable time will be arranged between you and the tradesman. If you are not at home at the agreed time, you may incur a standard service call for the tradesman attending the property.

Giving notice to vacate

When giving notice you must do so in writing to your Property Manager. The notice is not effective until it is received in writing by us and at our office.

More Information

There are a number of excellent resources available to you and to explain your rights and duties as a tenant.